Monday, June 27, 2011


On April 22nd, Valerie and I planted some Cherry Tomatoes and cucumbers.  I usually always buy those already grown at the Garden nursery, but thought I would give it a try from the seeds this year. I was ready that if it didn't grow, I would have gone to the nursery for these.  It grew pretty good.  We were finally able to transplants everything this past week (June 20-23).  This is a bit late in the month, but we had so much rain this month that we weren't able to do it before.
This year, we are hoping to have:
*Green and red pepper
*Yellow and Green wax beans
*Cherries tomatoes
*Scotia tomatoes
*Cucumber (3 kinds)
*Peas and snow peas

Do you grow your veggies from the seed or buy them already grown?  What is growing in your garden this year?

Meal plan for June 27th-June 30th

Meal plan for this week

Monday: lasagna, garlic bread and green salad
Tuesday: Honey garlic spare ribs, Jasmine rice and veggies
Wednesday: Left overs
Thursday: homemade pizza and garlic fingers, with raw veggies
Friday: Dinner with my dad, stepmom and siblings.  Dad is cooking
Saturday: Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary

Do you do meal plans?


Reading has always been a passion of mine.  Went I actually read, I could litteraly "devore" a good book.  Growing up, my mom used to get mad at me because I always had my nose in a book. She always complained that I should be more outside.  I would go, but bring my book with me ;)  I read has much in English that I do in French

I'm presently reading, for at least the 5th time, the first book of the Anne of Green Gable collection.  It is however my first time reading it in English.  Wow!  is there ever more details then in French.  But like everytime I read these books or watch the movie, I feel like a child.   I just love this collection.  I do have the whole collection (8 books) in English.  I also bought the DVDs last year.  Jane Eyre and Harry Potter are also books that I have reread a few time.

Which book can you read over and over without ever getting tired of it?


I'm officially on vacation for the next 10 weeks :)  You won't hear me complain about it.  This is the beauty of working in a school.  I can honestly say that for the first time in 12 years, I'm don't feel overly tired from work.  We had a great school year.  I think what help this year is having a principal that is actually there for her staff.  I had a lot of support when it came to my hardest case.  I'm very greatful to her.

10 weeks vacations also means being with the kids for the whole 10 weeks, except for my oldest (almost 5) going to her grand parents for a few days, here and there. I might be lucky with my in-law also taking the youngest (almost 2yo) too for a few days.  ;)   I'm planning on keeping us busy with all kind of activities:  library, park, community activities, cousin coming over, gardening, crafts, etc.

What do you do when on vacation with your kids?